Formula - Editor: v4.0.14-preview changelog

June 23, 2020

Formula - Editor: v4.0.14-preview changelog

📅 Release date: 06/19/2020

📰 Release notes

🆕 News

The settings page got a whole new look, the typography and iconography there was updated. Now you will have the list of pages like Options and Personalization on the side. There's also a few chagens to colors and buttons sizes.

The strings from the settings page was also updated with a more clear description and several typos corrections, thanks for your feedback on this. If you see something wrong on settings page, let me know.

[dev] There was also a dependencies update to the app.

🕷 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where you couldn't open apparence options in the settings.
  • When opening a page from settings (like options or personalization) you would not be able to go back to the main list.

⚠ Know issues

  • Some samples and logic from the "new file" pane would not work. A total revamp of this feature is on the way.
  • Sometimes your feedbacks would not arrive to me when submitting from the about page, and I have no idea why. This sucks.
  • When setting the app display language to Portuguese a lot of text will be missing from your experience. I won't recommend it right now.
  • Clicking on clean recent lists or on restore default settings won't show any feedback to the user.
  • Several typos around the app, this update fixed a lot on the settings page.

About the preview

If you want to download this preview, do it from the Microsoft Store, you can send feedback to any communciation channel or join the telegram group!