How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Formula is here for you!

Formula – Universal Code Editor

Meet this editor

The Formula

How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Guest what, you will forgot that line of code, you simply have to write it right out way. It can?t wait you to get to the office. That?s why Formula ? Universal Code Editor is here.

You can use Formula on you phone, tablet and desktop. Also I am working to make this app great for the Continuum.

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Support for a lot of languages


Formula supports more than 30 languages, like: C#, C, C++, Crystal, CSS, Diff, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LUA, Pascal, PHP, Phyton, Ruby, SQL, Swift and Objective-C XML!

It even support Fortran and Cobol!

Also you can create new files with this simple code editor, isn?t this awesome?!

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Fluent Design + Dark Mode

The design

Since the last update, Formula has a new hot face with incredible Fluent Design elements, it also has an incredible – must needed – dark mode! Enjoy! You welcome.


What I’m doing with it?

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Incredible Features

Organize your files in tabs and work with more than one file at time, just like you are used to.

And there is something else: you can use the shortcuts as you already know to save, open and to make a new file.

Have fun codding, just like I had writing this app! ? Don?t forget you coffee!


Manage your code with tabs, the same way you are used to it.


Make the app your own by changing the font size and family, and by choosing between dark and light mode.

Create new files

A brand new way of creating new files in code editors, extremely easy for new users.


Formula is available for every device running Windows 10: PC, Mobile, HoloLens and Surface Hub.


Install Formula on your phone, plug a monitor, keyboard and start coding with Continuum.


Run Formula in more than one screen at time!

A work in progress

Formula is a constant work in progress. Since the very first release it has being evolving and growing on the market. On the last update, the design and the dark mode are some of the big differences, but does not stop in there. Do you wanna know what is coming? Became a beta tester!

Became a beta tester

Here are some features that will be implement on future updates!

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Formula for Schools25%
Multilanguages and regionalization45%
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