Product consulting service

With the consultancy I offer you a punctual job to optimize a product that you already have, be it website, application, system, development team. I do an analysis of potentials and weaknesses, choose the best strategies and tools applied to fix what is not working and improve what is already good.

Come and see the fast and efficient solutions that we offer to you and your company.

your crystal ball

Six months from now, when a new version of Windows comes out and all of its systems fail, you will have wished you had a crystal ball that knew exactly what was going to happen, being able to test, validate and change what is necessary before problems happen. I can help you with that!

no downtime

With consultancy it is possible to gradually change the way your team works, implementing an agile and productive culture, with modern development tools offered by Microsoft, with no downtime.

open source strategy

We will do an analysis of which parts of your system can adopt an open source strategy, allowing the community of developers around the world to use, modify, improve and give feedback on your product.

technical analysis

For each problem identified, we will estimate the impact and the difficulty of implementing the correction. Then, we select what is most important and prepare a document requesting the correction of the problem. Then, this technical documentation is shared and discussed with the team for validation and implementation.

After the technical analysis, I already have a clear idea of ​​the problems existing in your product. Therefore, the vtnorton team creates specific documentation of corrections, accompanied by solution protocols.

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success story:
olá wolff

Within the startup I was in a privileged position where I managed to put the idea of reducing the bureaucracy of opening a company in less than 24 hours in practice. See how was the process of doing this and still guarantee an excellent user experience.

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vtnorton for business

Boost your company's processes and methods. We offer the solution that your company needs: system or consultant, in the right measure.


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vítor norton

I have this passion to create new things. I do not care if it’s software, whether it’s a book or something design. I just cannot stop creating, I cannot stop imagining. I create stuff up for living.

Web and Windows developer for more than ten years, I have been awarded 6 times from Microsoft as must valuable professional (Windows Insider MVP), In addition I'm passionate to learn more about new tech.

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