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Don't you know the wonderful world of podcasting? Then come more, play him and let's have a chat!

Podcast da Lambda3

Lambda3 is a reference company in tech here in Brazil, that has a very good podcast, in which I have been in some episodes. There is a technical track and a non-technical track, I highly recommend listening to all the podcasts, a lot of value and learning in them.

Participating as a guest in podcasts

Occasionally I end up participating as a guest in some podcasts, most of them to talk about tech, but you can see me out there talking about random subjects ... Let's chat?

vítor norton

I have this passion to create new things. I do not care if it’s software, whether it’s a book or something design. I just cannot stop creating, I cannot stop imagining. I create stuff up for living.

Web and Windows developer for more than ten years, I have been awarded 6 times from Microsoft as must valuable professional (Windows Insider MVP), In addition I'm passionate to learn more about new tech.

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