vtnorton: for-devs

if (you.Dev ()) br/> So, you have programming under your belt, right? Do you know that BIOS is not a boy-band of the millennium? Welcome then! Check out what I prepared for you, some frameworks, applications to help your work, even several livecodings being made. We are among friends here!

Formula Editor

How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Guest what, you will forgot that line of code, you simply have to write it right out way. It can't wait you to get to the office. That's why Formula - Universal Code Editor is here.


See below some Formula projects that are open source, in case you want to have a peek or send some PR there!

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On the twitch channel I'm always passing on programming tips while I do livecoding and Windows usability, in addition to playing games every now and then! Follow me there, don't miss the news and stay on top of the latest in the field of technology. [mostly in Portuguese]



This framework can add more elegance to your projects, based on bootstrap and Microsoft Fluent Design, it is easy to use, concerned with accessibility and compatibility between browsers.



Come take a look at my projects there on GitHub, feel free to open issues, analyze the history of commits, comment there, make forks and even send PRs!