50% of the companies in the Fortune 500 have disappeared. These are the Kodaks, Blockbusters. 50% is a lot! The good news is that being here means that you want to prevent this from happening in your organization.

Developing with quality directly impacts the way you and your company are seen in the market. A good interface, a responsive system, high quality images: all of these are decisive factors for the customer to choose his brand. Invest in strong systems development and sell more and better.


The DevOps culture has never been more important than now. And what the hell is that!? It is the culture of ensuring that your product will be delivered quickly, steadily, with less problems, less costs and in an automated way. It looks like magic. And it is! Your development, operations and quality control team can only win.


Currently, it is not possible to wait seated for the customer to send feedback via letter or to call the Customer Service. No! In five seconds they can make a tweet that will destroy your business. It is vital that companies, businesses and organizations like ours are attuned to the signals that are out there in the community.


You spent a lot of money on your product and suddenly, you need to reach a new audience, but the system is not ready for it? You'll have to do it all over again. From scratch! A common problem, isn't it ?! How about implementing the latest scalability practices from now on ?! Learn to avoid future costs and frustrations, start big.


The tools used are always the most modern offered by the Microsoft services platform, such as dotnet, aspnet and Microsoft Azure.

The front is javascript, react and a very careful care of the user interface.


Even after implementation, I offer one-year support for any problems that may appear in the system at no additional cost. That's right, one year support!

This support can, of course, be extended.


After years of experience and development, I have built a solid and robust foundation for your system to grow, offering user management, two-factor authentication, administrative panels, feedback management and much more.

client focused development

The development is focused on the user, with a system that fits the needs of the client and that optimizes the processes of your company or startup. Conquer your user guaranteeing privacy, security, accessibility and comfort, with an intuitive system with excellent usability and interface.

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olá wolff

Within the startup I was in a privileged position where I managed to put the idea of reducing the bureaucracy of opening a company in less than 24 hours in practice. See how was the process of doing this and still guarantee an excellent user experience.

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vtnorton for business

Boost your company's processes and methods. We offer the solution that your company needs: system or consultant, in the right measure.


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vítor norton

I have this passion to create new things. I do not care if it’s software, whether it’s a book or something design. I just cannot stop creating, I cannot stop imagining. I create stuff up for living.

Web and Windows developer for more than ten years, I have been awarded 6 times from Microsoft as must valuable professional (Windows Insider MVP), In addition I'm passionate to learn more about new tech.

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