Mar 10

The best part of the Summit is after it

Contrary to what I was hoping to happen: coming home extremely tired without being able to say at least one word or recognize a friend face in front of me, because I would be so exhausted that after 48 hours of intense travel. I'm energetic, wanting to make the world... read more →
Dec 14

Here is the new Formula hotfixes: v3.1710.371

Today I released a new version of Formula - Universal Code Editor, with some improvements and bug fixes. This is the first update since the Dark mode and fluent design update, check it out: The sidebar won't blink when resizing the window. Added the link, on the sidebar, to open... read more →
Oct 24

New version of Formula: v3.1710.363

Another update had hit the store! Now Formula ? Universal Code Editor has a bunch of new features and bug fixes that will make you love this product. I heard your feedback and this is the biggest release of Formula since the very first update. Do you wanna see what... read more →
Jul 05

Building Formula: A close look at the icon

Formula is a great product and is receiving a lot of great feedbacks and since the beginning of this year, I was planning to make a full redesign to it, for two reasons: 1) I can and I love to code 2) it?s growing fast and the sometimes it fails... read more →
Jul 04

Meet Nomi-PC: My new machine

These last few weeks have been very intense for me and one of the things that happened in those last few weeks was the long awaited message from the Post Office: "Object left for delivery". Ahhh that message delights. My computer was coming. So, I used my old notebook for... read more →
Jun 26

Hello WordPress, how are you?

If you follow me for more than one year you probably know that I'm a Windows developer and also, a aspnet developer. I start on the web business with aspnet (after the Blogger). So it was natural for me to write my own CMS (like WordPress) on aspnet. And that... read more →
Jun 07

Going beyond translating a website

So a client had made one little challenge to me, put his website in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Easy peace. For sure make this is pretty simple, and I had been doing that for a couple of year, websites with more than one language: I have some experience with that,... read more →
May 09
May 06

Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

I'm glad to announce that today, I'm releasing a new version of Formula, with amazing new fixes. And before that I had to say something, about Dark Mode: I'm receiving  a lot of great feedback about it, and I do love the dark mode (if you haven't seem, I'm building... read more →
Jan 01

Released Formula v2.1.167 ? see what?s new

Happy new year! And to help you have an amazing year, let's start with an update to Formula - Universal Code Editor, today the app was revamped, and here is what's new: #New: Added Swift and Visual Basic Support #Improved: Navigation when ading new files (Next and back buttons now is... read more →