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New update to Formula – Universal Code Editor – v1.2.83

Today I’m proud to announce that one big update was sent to the store and will be available as soon as it pass the certification. This update was the first since the Formula was released that included your feedback. The main priority in this update was to fix commun issues. So here is the changelog of v1.2.83.

#New: Json and Phyton support
#Change: All the code that interacts with file is changed
#Change: Now the webservice to send feedback is updated (it is now shared between all apps)
#Change: How the program find the language selected in AddFile was changed
#Change: Design improvements for Editor when any file is opened
#Change: Removed JQuery from the Editor.
#Change: The app now it will open only supported files.
#Fix: Enter key not working in Mobile
#Fix: Bug that won’t allow to open files with \
#Fix: Now is possible to open/save .c, .cpp, .htm, .html
#Fix: Saving new files won’t crash
#Fix: Now it show the language of the file when are saving it
#Fix: The app won’t crash if cancel to open a file
#Fix: The app won’t crash when canceling to save a new file
#Fix: it now won’t crash when creating new files
#Fix: bug that crash the app when user save an already saved file
#Fix: Several others bugs when saving files was fixed, and error was prevented.
#Fix: Changelog only opening the first version details, if you want to see any other version you should close the app.
#Removed: Hello World content

Again, thanks for the amazing feedback!

UncategorizedJuly 05, 2016

Just a glance in the next version of Formula

Wow! You guys are awesome! I received so many feedbacks about Formula, from all sort of devices and countries. The reviews, wow, the reviews… I was expecting something totally different, but every single one of you embraced my idea that I’m bringing with Formula.

So I had to put my hands on Formula and make a big update for you. And I’m doing it. Last week I changed all the code of files interactions, the code now is more organized, and better to work with. This way I can bring more news stuff and fix bug easier. This is a big change in the background, and because of that change a lot of small bugs was fixed already. Still, have a lot to work and this isn’t done yet.

As I said, a lot of work on the background: the web service to send feedback now was updated too, so please, when the update hits you, update as quickly as possible.

I’m listen to your feedback, and answering all of those that is possible, and I’m happy to announce the support for JSON.

And, of course, this isn’t all the things that is coming to Formula.

And because all of the great review in the store, I’m going to share a few things that I’m working on for future plans: dark and light theme, pin files in the start, more and more language support, and GitHub integration (this is going to be a big challenge, and if you understand GitHub API, please contact me).

An update is coming this month. And again, thanks for you feedback.

UncategorizedJune 07, 2016

Building Formula: Choosing the name

Last week I released a new app: Formula – Universal Code Editor. And different of any app I made so far, this is complex, and not easy to develop. So thinking in all the process of building it I decide to make a series of “Building Formula” to speak the whole process of building it. And I’m going to start saying how I choose the name

Well, I actually didn’t choose the name. When I’m working in a new project I pick a codename, for this project in specific I choose Quebec. How this works? Easy, for projects that is simple and it is a kind of tool I choose names from cities in France (like project Nice, aka Random 42, or project Lyon, aka Time Calculator), for fun projects and entertainment I pick cities in United States (like the Las Vegas, aka the old #TrueOrDare). And now Project Quebec (Canada) for complex tools.

I like to work with code names because I’m not attached to the name of the product, meaning that I can change the name of the app easily, just in one line. Or that I do not have to wait until I have a name to start code it. The name is the last thing I do in my projects. And to choose the Formula name, I went to Twitter nation!

I’m not good in creating names. For me I would release it calling it Quebec, but I do know that this isn’t good for marketing and for the product. So I simple asked my followers on Twitter, what name should I use. They send me all sort of names: Code X, IDE CODE,  Code Master, Codz, Codez and a lot of others.

I was already thinking in use the name IDEA, but it is already used for the IntelliJ (Java IDE). Without Twitter I would release with that name. Thanks @julihermes for the heads up. And them, I saw myself surrounded of many possible choices, my favorite so far was Code Boss. But a lot of good ones. I decided to make a Quiz in Twitter with Code Boss, IDEa, Formula and Code X. 37 votes later, [notranslate]Code X[/notranslate] was in the first place, Formula in second.

During these quiz @julihermes send me another suggestion: Universal Editor. Well, this is an awesome name.

So I pick up the suggestion of @LaurenteEnoque and @julihermes and built the “Formula – Universal Code Editor”.

Well, I know I cheat it, and didn’t pick the must vote in the quiz, but Code X wasn’t passing the feeling. Wasn’t expressing what the Formula is. And that’s how I choose the name. I’m considering in use this same method to look for new names, so stay tuned in my Twitter (@vt_norton) for any news and in my Instagram (@vt_norton) account that I submitted a lot of ‘screenshots’ of the project before any other place.


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New app released: Formula – Universal Code Editor

Today I’m glad to say that I am releasing my 8th app to the store. Yes! 8th. And I couldn’t be more happier. Besides every other app, this wasn’t a weekend project that I made just for fun. Ok, I lie, I made just for fun, but, it took one month to developer. With the help of Twitter, I choose a name for the new app “Formula – Universal Code Editor”!

How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Guest what, you will forgot that line of code, you simply have to write it right out way. It can?t wait you to get to the office. That?s why Formula ? Universal Code Editor is here.

With a lot of functions the first beta is rolling out in the store today and you can download it right now for free!

Yet there is a lot to do in this app, and I’m already building an big update for this. But if you found a bug, send it to me. Also, if you have new ideas send it to me. During the next weeks I’m going to talk about the development of this app, and what it still have to make. Don’t forget to share this post or the app, and rate it in the store (only if you are going to give a 3 or more star).

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4wb6b]

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#TrueOrDare and #NeverEver no longer available for download

Once upon a time, there was two apps, made for drunk people. Now they are resting in peace, I already told the reason here. You won’t be able to download any update and to found them on the Store.

All the source of this apps is in my GitHub and you are more than welcome to look at it, change it, and create new things. It isn’t impossible that they are going to be published again, but not my plans. Feel free to change it and use it.

They are under project Terre, USA. #NeverEver is Pasadena Project and #TrueOrDare is Las Vegas Project.

But why they are going to be dead? Simple: not time enough for them. That’s makes me sad too.

I hope you understand. Sorry.

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Let’s go Opensource

I am happy to announce that today, every of my app is now open source and you can help me improve all of this amazing apps. I spend the last days moving all of the codes from VSTS to Git. Why? Only one reason: to be open source.

When I moved this project, I also made a lot of changes in it, so it would be easy for every one outside the project be able to understand it and create a push request.

Since the beginning of the year I was thinking about it, and a few days ago, a friend of mine, Mario, posted in his Twitter account that he wanted to send at least one code for day to his GitHub. Looking to it, I decided to move all my codes to GitHub. Well, not all of it.

You can found my repository in GitHub.com/vtnorton/Terre, in the next days I will make a documentation for it. 😉

That’s all folks!

UncategorizedApril 01, 2016

A small update

The app #NeverEver was with a awful bug since the previous update, making it not working in some cases. I spend all night long fixing it and besides today update (that is available right now) I am sending a small update that will be available as soon as possible.
Also, every app will have a little bug fixed in a small update too.

April update rolling out: awesome news for “Conjugar”

Today I am rolling out an update for every app, here is the changelog: I am taking to a more core experience, now the about page is the same in every app, also the language support and code. That means that it is easier to fix bugs in every app. And because of that, this month is all about fixing bugs.

And like I said, awesome news for “Conjugar”, like: now you can see examples in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. This is possible because I changed all the code, this mean that now is less probably of a lot of bugs and the performance is way much better.

I am introducing the irregular verbs. There is several irregular verbs in Portuguese, so I am introducing to you a few of them: “Abaular”, “Ser”, “Ter” and “Vir”.

I improved all language support, if you find something that isn’t correct for you language, please let me know so then I can fix it a soon as possible, also I fixed several bugs. I also improved the design a little bit.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy coding it!

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Dropping support of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps

Ok, so another sad news. With the release of Windows 10 Mobile I will no long support Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 applications.

The process of developing one app takes a long time, and for old versions of Windows it is necessary to build another app for Windows Phone 8.1 and another for Windows 8.1.

I am now focusing in make a lot of awesome changes (going to announce it in April).

But, “Conjugar” is the must download app, and there is a lot of users using it every day. So it will have a nice update now in April and it will be supported until the end of the year, and it will receive a Windows 8.1 app.

Every app will be updated in April First.

UncategorizedMarch 22, 2016

#NeverEver and #TrueOrDare are going to be ended.

It is with sadness that I announce that the ?#?NeverEver? and ?#?TrueOrDare? apps will be no longer supported.

They will receive the April Update (with include: better language support for every app, and a lot of amazing bug fixes), but this probably is going to be the last update for then.

There is a possibility of making then open source and maybe bringing then to life again. If you are interested on working on then, let me know.

The only motive is: I am focusing in making an awesome app.