Heartthrob v2.0: SCSS > CSS && –jQuery

Heartthrob, UncategorizedOctober 28, 2019

Heartthrob v2.0: SCSS > CSS && –jQuery

Hey there, long time we don’t talk to each other right? Time to give you a quick and yet a powerful update. Today I released the new version of Heartthrob, and here is the changes:

Redone all the code to use the latest tech (SASS)
The main focus of this update was to bring the latest tech possible to the framework, making it easy for the community to mantain, and as well to code.

One of the problem was that all the CSS of the project was in a single file, and as the project grows, the file grew as well. Now it is easier than ever to contribute and make it happen!

And, to add more to this change, instead of using the pixels for measures, the project has now changed to use ems.

Better typography
After studing a little bit of typography for web, I had updated how the fonts in this project looks like. The line-height now is more confortable to read as well the font-weight used in a few places. The colors has also been changed for links, as well new behaviors like :visited for example.

Another change is that instead of using Courier New as the default font for code in you text, now it prefers to use Consolas.

Small yet powerful changes
Along side with that it was also allowed to use the colors yellow and green for border in a blockquote. Of course, I fixed several issues, including how menu was handled.

The Kendo UI code was also removed, this way the code is cleaner and you will get only the thing that you need the most. But if you like to use Kendo UI on your project, don’t worry, will share more about how it will be handled later.

Check the repository here: https://github.com/vtnorton/Heartthrob/releases
Wanna see the docs, here: http://heartthrob.vtnorton.com/

For now that’s it, thank you and keep sending me feedbacks! ♥