heartthrob: the fluent design framework to the web

devsMay 28, 2019

heartthrob: the fluent design framework to the web

Today I’m releasing the heartthrob framework can add more elegancy to your project, to looks like the Microsoft Fluent Design design, it was also inspired by Michael West – an incredible designer who will dominate the world with his ideas.

Built, since 2016, from scrath with bare CSS – and JavaScript, it uses the grid system for responsive websites based in Bootstrap 3, the idea is to have a start for when you need to develop a solution for your company or for yourself, it’s clean, simple, easy and still small.

The ideia behind this project is to make it as simple as possible for new developers, and agencys that creates several websites a month, by making it simple to study, contribute and modify. It also does a lot of automatic functions without you needing to spend too much time in it.

Perfect for dashboards: I built and use heartthrob in several dashboards and CMSs in several startups and corporate systems.
More to share about this soon.

Bootstrap grid system: One of the key points of heartthrob is using the same bootstrap grid, with a tool that you have more control.
It also has a lot of compatibility with any website using bootstrap since we used a lot of similiar classes names.

Kendo ui compatibility: Inside heartthrob you will find a kendo.heartthrob css file, that can add all the work made in this framework to the kendo interface. This looks pretty good for grids, dropdowns, scheduler and other inputs. under development.


Take a look on the documentation to see what heartthrob can do it for you.

contribute: let’s build it together

I and my team are using it in the solutions we build every single day, so expect nice fixes and small additions as it will be more and more compatible with Kendo and other browsers.


I’m more than open to have contributions to this project, so go to the GitHub page to help me make it even better!

NOTE: Heartthrob isn’t ready for mobile, I invite you to create a pull request with some fixes for mobile, especially on the header and on the content.