The best part of the Summit is after it

March 10, 2018

The best part of the Summit is after it

Contrary to what I was hoping to happen: coming home extremely tired without being able to say at least one word or recognize a friend face in front of me, because I would be so exhausted that after 48 hours of intense travel. I’m energetic, wanting to make the world spin faster. I’m singing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

The Summit is the largest global meeting of MVPs (Microsoft and Windows Insiders) in the world! So you can imagine that after learning all what they have to teach us, see what is coming, feel again the taste of the Microsoft vibe to be, and of course, desperately want an interview with the guys to start working there tomorrow, you would be as energetic as I am tonight.

Understand what I mean about the Summit helping break down interpersonal barriers. So, I have two things that I’m addicted to: lists and OneNote, and they kind of talk to each other. So it’s no surprise that I made a list of approximately 20 items that I wanted to resolve within the Summit. Things like: details and networking to help me with meetups, technical information of products that were preventing me from advancing, doubts about the work’s process of several friends and co-workers, anyway. Most of this list I was able to solve in the previous two days of the Summit just because I was with other recognized leaders in the community. And how do you get when you can solve most of your problems? Energetic, excited among other feelings.

There are no technical barriers, there is support. There is no independent developer, there is a community. There are no dreams, there is action! I have energy that will take 5 days to get the thoughts, ideas, information in order. A energy that will review every project, from the old ones that are still in the paper, to the young ones that still have not announced. The Summit is more than a conference with a bunch of nerds together – which is great – is a way to get me to focus on what really matters: the community. To work, to produce, to create, to volunteer, to make of its mission: the community.

During one of the sessions I was asked something about myself that was not on my resume, and while several answered something very interesting and that impacted the world, I could only think of the TV Shows that I already watched. There’s something wrong. There is something wrong with spending most of my time producing software that will not add anything to the world, or produce software that few will use.

If I want to create more for the community, and make it part of my life, I need to change. I need to go back and redo every project, aligning them with the needs of the community, I need to make the world go faster, not only for me but for everyone around me, who by chance, today more than ever, I want everyone to knows how to code. It is to use this positive vibe that I can find in Microsoft offices to do something good, something useful, and not use the tons of confidential content I received this past week for personal use and that only I will have access to.

If you do not know what vibe I’m talking about, just watch the Windows Insider Team Webcasts, where the presenter wears a Mexican taco hat, and one of the program’s direct will cosplay some Star Trek character. They have so much fun that they do not even seem to be working. Who says work is the opposite of fun?

Every year is like this. Every Summit I come back with a lot of energy that needs to be unloaded. Every Summit I’m sure I’m on the right track, and better than that, the path gets less tortuous and brighter. It is a new gas that we received after meeting with friends, like Andre Buss, who want to boost even more the Brazilian community of Insiders. And I wanted to thank a lot of the MVPs who helped me just for the drinks, in the car, or at the cafe or at the parties: Angelo Belchior, David and Colin Smith, Erick Wendel, Raphael Koellner, Raphael Santos, Thamyris Gameiro and Jaqueline Ramos and several others it would be almost impossible to list everyone’s name here.

I mean, even with all that energy, I still desperately want my bed, my warmth and my feet up.

I just got back from MVP Summit, back from Microsoft. Yes, it was 18 hours on a plane and totaling 48 hours of travel. It’s not for anyone. I know I can be dramatic sometimes – always – but when I got into a shower in Aeromexico’s VIP room, I noticed that my socks were soaked with blood. Reason? Maybe that I’ve been walking to and from so much, the three times I lost Uber and I ran out like a madman in the street that just lost his hat to the inclement weather of Seattle. That may be a reason I found blood in my socks. It’s been 48 hours since I’ve been on the road (two to get home) and 72 hours without getting my foot up.

As Dona Sarkar would say, Hustle-as-a-Service, right?

Vítor Norton