New version of Formula: v3.1710.363

UncategorizedOctober 24, 2017

New version of Formula: v3.1710.363

Another update had hit the store! Now Formula ? Universal Code Editor has a bunch of new features and bug fixes that will make you love this product. I heard your feedback and this is the biggest release of Formula since the very first update. Do you wanna see what is changed? Take a closer look!

And because I want so badly that you can enjoy this update with me, I?m opening a trial mode of 1 days until November 27th, and don?t forget that MVPs get Formula for free!

New user interface

Formula?s user interface was based on Microsoft Edge to few similar and closer to what users expect from a Universal App. But a few users had complained about the design, and since your feedback counts, I had updated it!

Starting with the new Fluent Design on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the app locks hot with the highlight that it created, and the acrylic design? Oh, gosh! It is looking stunning and awesome.

After that I had work on create a new icon for Formula, it now is a transparent tile and it looks awesome on the task bar.

Welcome page

The welcome page had received a refresh look too, with a lot of work and a lot of feedback from the beta testers, this area now includes:

  • Recent files: A more intuitive, more productive way to open files, see the latest files opened with the app!
  • Developer news: Discover what is being developed on Formula and what me, the developer, must say about it. This is all the news related from Formula.
  • Icons, Icons, Icons: there is new icons all over across the app, including on tabs, and using it on the welcome page is a way to make it easy for new users to identify what they want.

Dark Mode

Yeah! It is here! The top requested feature of all time! A totally, full, complete dark mode! Developers prefer to code with an ambient that is comfortable to their eyes and sometimes a lot of light on eyes isn?t exactly comfortable. So, I hear you, and now, it?s here! To enable it, just put your phone or PC with Dark Mode, and you can customize it on Settings > Personalization and change to Dark Mode.

Please tell me your thoughts on the brand new Dark Mode!


Formula is all about the code. So here are a few changes that will improve the way you code!

  • Personalization: You can now change the default font-size, font-family on the brand-new Settings pane. To do so, go to Settings > Personalization. You will need to refresh the tab you are working on for the changes to take effect.
  • Full screen: You can use the new button on the editor to open it on full screen, or hit F11.
  • Status bar: There is three highlights here: Line and column: besides the number of line of code, a few users would love to see in what line they are and what column, now on the right bottom corner, you can see it! And, improved non UFT-8 recognition. It isn?t perfect yet, I know, but I?m working on it, and part of this work is that the app now shows you the encoding it is using on the status bar. Yet on the status bar you can now see in what language you are coding in.
  • More language support: yeah! Of course, and this is the biggest number of codes languages ever included on Formula. Previously it was only 18 languages, and now it can recognize 34! Here is the complete list of new languages: Cobol (yeah? I know, but it is Universal Code Editor, remember?), CooffeeScript, Crystal, Cython, Fortran (Universal Code? I mean, universal), F#, Objective-C, Pascal, PowerShell, Ruby, Factor, Diff, Groovy, Elm and Yaml. If your favorite language is missing, please let me know and I will work to include it.

Tabs improvements

I?ve made a lot of work over here, and you will love how tabs works now, more than 90% of the logic here was rewrite, so many bugs were fixed and new functions arrived:

  • Reorganize tabs: you can now drag one tab to the left or right to change its current position.
  • Context menu: Right click on one tab to access functions like: Close tab, close other tabs, close all but saved.
  • Tabs view: tabs now takes the amount of space necessary for each one, it has a nice icon next to it and the tabs view: you can access every tab you are currently working on by just clicking on tabs view. Swipe left to delete it!

The app itself

  • Command line: I?m still making this a thing, but you can now type ?formula? on the prompt command or file explorer address bar to open it.
  • Settings page: This is really exciting, not only because the features that are here, but what it will be on the future. But for now, you can clean recent files, restore defaults, change layout settings and more.
  • About page: The about page won a new section: news! See what?s going on with Formula from here.
  • Changelog: Looking to changelogs are now completely different! Changelogs can have images, gifs, and the reading experience was really improved.

Bug fixes

  • Now, when you are typing a new file name you can hit the Enter button to create it.
  • After creating a new file, it will open automatically.
  • Tabs won?t blink when you save or change a file.
  • Status bar will now disappear when a file is closed.
  • The design was also improved for high DPI devices.
  • When opening a new file, the windows would blink it, it?s now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would broke the New File page after selecting a language and going back to change the language category.
  • Fixed a few TYPOs.
  • Fixed an issue that prevent files with the code ?</textarea>? to open, like the jquery file. It is not a problem anymore (after fixing it, we ? at Vítor Norton – gave a party).
  • Removed the Donate with Paypal button.


Formula will support Windows 10 Mobile forever! But Windows 10 initial builds (10240 and 10586) isn?t supported anymore, because of features like Context Menu on Tabs. If you want to have this update you will need to update your Windows machine as well.

The app development cycle will follow Windows development cycle, so you will have a new incredible version, like this one, on March or April next year. Please send me feedbacks of any bugs you may found, I will be sending hotfixes until December 15th.