Meet Nomi-PC: My new machine

UncategorizedJuly 04, 2017

Meet Nomi-PC: My new machine

These last few weeks have been very intense for me and one of the things that happened in those last few weeks was the long awaited message from the Post Office: “Object left for delivery”. Ahhh that message delights. My computer was coming.

So, I used my old notebook for a while, and it’s pretty good: i7 + 8GB ram and 1TB, it’s so good that it was even mentioned by Terry Myerson at WINHec . There was only one problem: I needed more. I needed a device that could handle it. For those who do not know I work fast, very fast. When I get to do something, I do it fast. Do you think I’m joking? I was able to make one app per week in 2015! Yesterday I even recorded 80 videos for the YouTube channel! I have several examples to give, but I think you understand what I mean. I worked faster than my machine allowed, and it was not slow.

Yes, computers crash, computers get 10 minutes to close a tab or open the Edge / Firefox / Chorme / IE, in fact the latter can stay even longer than that. Anyway … computers are slow, crash and give problems. And if you had a computer that, in the words of Panos Paney – director of everything that is Surface at Microsoft – let technology fade away for you to focus on your work? So I need a freaking computer! So I bought a really freaking gamer PC. And here is the configuration:

  • Intel i7 7700K 4.2GGhz 8MB
  • 16GB Ram DDR4
  • 240GB SDD (+ 2HDs de 1 Tera)
  • MSI Radeon RX 580 4GB
  • Gabinete PCYES Tiger Branco
  • Asus prime Z270M-Plus

And to keep up with that, a mouse with nothing less than 19 buttons from Multilaser Warrior series and a semi-mechanical keyboard.

Of course you’ll want to see the pictures of this beauty, right? You wouldn’t be a nerd if you didn’t want to see the photos.

Curiosity, the name I gave the PC was Nomi-PC, a character played by the beautiful Jamie Clayton in the series Sense8. I was days to choose the name of the computer, but when I chose, did not even give 24 hours and I saw the news that they canceled Sense8? At least it’s still going to have an end (thank you Netflix and Lana).

This will allow me to create things much faster, so, you will see me out there because I will be doing a lot more.