Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

UncategorizedMay 06, 2017

Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that today, I’m releasing a new version of Formula, with amazing new fixes. And before that I had to say something, about Dark Mode: I’m receiving  a lot of great feedback about it, and I do love the dark mode (if you haven’t seem, I’m building one Edge extension to transform every website to dark mode). But besides the Dark Mode, I making one full redesign of the app itself. So that’s the reason why you are not seeing it yet.

Now, I can speak what’s new, here is the full changelog.

#Improved: Logic of sidebar effect
#Improved: Swift and Visual Basic support
#Improved: Save button on mobile
#Improved: UFT-8 Support (isn’t perfect yet, but it’s improved)
#Fix: The error that made all files saved in just one line.
#Fix: Fixed issues with break line \\n and \\r.

There is minor changes that together makes this app better

Also I made a privacy policy for the app, you can read it here.

As always, thank you for your feedback and for your support.