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Released Formula v2.1.167 ? see what?s new

UncategorizedJanuary 01, 2017

Released Formula v2.1.167 ? see what?s new

Happy new year! And to help you have an amazing year, let’s start with an update to Formula – Universal Code Editor, today the app was revamped, and here is what’s new:

  1. #New: Added Swift and Visual Basic Support
  2. #Improved: Navigation when ading new files (Next and back buttons now is going to be hidden).
  3. #Improved: Blank page layout.
  4. #Fix: Status bar, on mobile, doesn’t showed the clock, battery life, and other things.
  5. #Fix: PHP files now open as they should.
  6. #Fix: WhatsApp and other apps, won’t open Formula when selectin a new file.
  7. #Fix: Some extensions didn’t show “”Open with formula”” unless users point to it.
  8. #Fix: Tabs name refreshing on every click (this is just a workaround for now).
  9. There is minor changes that together makes this app better.

The update is out! Check it out!