Let’s create a dark web with True Dark Mode for Edge

UncategorizedNovember 22, 2016

Let’s create a dark web with True Dark Mode for Edge

It doesn?t matter of your Windows is in dark mode or in the light mode. The websites you visit aren’t, so this Microsoft Edge extension is about to change it. When enabled, this extension will put your favorite web site in the dark mode! So don’t forget to put Windows and Edge in Dark Mode.

That’s the description of True Dark Mode, an extention I’m building for Microsoft Edge, to find out more, go to the special page of True Dark Mode, where you can find how to colaborate and the changelog.

This is a totally free open source, and yes, you can help develop it and create a dark web!

To help develop it you won’t need much, just one GitHub client for you PC and one Notepad (but if you want to use Visual Studio Code or Formula – Universal Code Editor, I’m not going to be mad).

For now, it only supports Whatsapp Web, Wikipedia, Buzzfeed and New York Times, and there is several issues on every of this sites for now, but let’s fix it, shall we?