Released Formula v2.0 – see what’s new

UncategorizedOctober 01, 2016

Released Formula v2.0 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that Formula – Universal Code Editor had find his way to version 2.0! There is a lot of people using it every day (including on HoloLens) so I need to make it better, and with this update, you are going to love Formula even more. Let me just say that: your feedback was so important to make this version happens that you had no idea.

Let’s see what’s changed

New way to add a new file

A while ago I removed the “Hello World” function. When you create one file it created the hello world of this file. But it was buggy and ugly. So now, I present you the Sample Files. You can now add blank files from every language supported (including new extensions) and Hello World of that languages. It is a great feature that I thing you are going to love it.

I had also changed the New File page, including the name (previously: Add file). You can pick one category and the language of that category will show up. Once you select the language it will show to you the sample files of the language and related languages.

Example, if you want to build a HTML file, you can select the category web, and when you select HTML it will suggest the CSS and JavaScript files.

“Open With” feature and drop support

The top request, and must useful tool ever built on Formula is: “Open With” feature. You can now select one file from you PC, right click on it, and open with Formula. You can also use this feature on mobile, take a shot. I think you are going to love it!


Another useful way to edit your files is dropping then on Formula. Try it!

Zoom, zoom, zoom

You can now zoom you code to see better! This function is available one on PC, HoloLens and Continuum.

New and improved language support

I’ve added support for Lua and Pascal, because you your feedback. Also added support for APL and PGP. And had improved the language support of other languages. Now it can read and create files with this extensions: .h, .c++, .cc, .cxx, .hpp, .h++, .hh, .hxx, .map, .php3, .php4, .php5, .phtml, .BUILD, .bzl, .pyw, .xsl, .xsd.

A few small changes that improved it

  • #New: Information text, at the button, will show you the output of Formula process. If it just opened one file, or saved it.
  • #New: I had been working in one blank page, that now is way much better than the previously one. It has shortcut for add new file and open a file. Also this page includes several links and the last changelog.
  • #New: You can join the beta program of the project Formula. To do so, go to the About page and click: “Join beta program”
  • #New: The app is now paid, but if you think that is your interest, you can donate something to help shape the product.
  • #New: A little star (*) will show up after the name if file is modified.
  • #Change: The app is lighter because I had done an awesome job in the code behind it.
  • #Change: Slightly Improved design of Tabs
  • #Change: Fixed and improved the About page, and added Dylan name.
  • #Change: Tabs will not be showed when there is no one opened
  • #Improved: solution explore icon
  • #Improved: Save File dialog

Problems fixed with this version

  • #Fix: Name Python
  • #Fix: Grammar issues
  • #Fix: Tabs now stretch, on all devices regardless of size
  • #Fix: App crashed when clicking in open sidebar pane
  • #Fix: Navigation issue when tapping in open tab when there is a black page or new page on the screen.
  • #Fix: Unnecessary space in the beginning of the code.
  • #Fix: Bugs at TabsView (not opening, closing file)
  • #Fix: When closing one file (outside the MainPage) it’s not going to be showed anymore.
  • #Fix: Now it won’t prompt you to save a file when you close one file that isn’t change
  • #Fix: When “not closing” one file, after prompt the save file message, it won’t unload the file.
  • #Fix: Closing one file when more than one was opened, won’t crash the app. The last file on the list will be opened.
  • #Fix: About page and New file page height bug, making it impossible to see some information.

Know issues

When pressing enter key on mobile it gaves two lines breakes.