Answering feedback #01: Formula v2.0.144

UncategorizedOctober 10, 2016

Answering feedback #01: Formula v2.0.144

A couple of day ago, I received a feedback sent from the built-in feedback feature on Formula. The user sent me 5 points of feedback, and like I always do, I answer all of them. But, for now on, I’m going to share some of my answers of these feedbacks.

Here is a close look at the points of the feedback I received:

  1. ?Upon clicking the “New File button” it would be great if the flyout windows disappears automatically upon clicking the button?
    • This is a great usability feedback, and I?m going to do my best to make it possible. But right now, the way the flyout is built, it is really hard. I?m working on building a lot of other parts of the app, and this isn?t my priority right now. But who knows, on the next update this is going to be improved!
  2. ?A list of recent files under the New file, Open file lines in the start page would be awesome?

    • I was literary building this part of the code, but the deadline was short and I couldn?t make it in time. Here is a sneak peak of the code, to prove you! Hehe (this is part of the MainPage of the app. This line was commented because of the short time to release! I sent this to let you know that your feedback is awesome and I?m working on it!
  3. ?Clicking the See full changelog in start page takes me to website. Why? WE already have the full changelog offline. Don’t we? It would be nice if it could open that page.?
    • I totally get it, and I was thinking about it a lot before sending this update. But this is the part that the marketing talks high. This is improving my site views. Also, the offline changelog is not as good as one web page. I can?t put images there, and the readability isn?t that good. So thinking on that, that?s the reason. I hope you understand.
  4. ?The donation button is well hidden in the about section. It would be better noticed if it is in the Start page.?
    • Since the version 2.0 was released, the app is now paid. So I wasn?t feeling comfortable to put the donation button in the Formula?s Star Page.
  5. ?And love the categorization of Files. Great work there. Congrats. Is there any way we can pin a specific file type or category to start page or start screen?
    • Thanks so much, this took me a lot of time, and on the test versions, before sending the update, had a lot of cool features (like image for every sample file). But this features weren?t good enough, so they never made the way. So yeah! Still a lot of work to be done there and I haven?t thought about it. And your feedback gave me acutely, two:
      1. 1) pin specific file type or category to Formula?s start page and new file page
      2. 2) pin recent file type or category to Formula?s start page and new file page

And yes, I love to write and talk, and I think that every user that sends me feedback should be able to contact me and understand the power of the feedback, and also, the reason why I haven?t done that or not going to do that. Please, stay in touch, all feedbacks are definitely read!