Random 42, Time Calculator, Conjugar updated, check the changelog

UncategorizedJuly 11, 2016

Random 42, Time Calculator, Conjugar updated, check the changelog

Besides Formula – Universal Code Editor, I had develop some amazing and small other apps, and I’m bringing to the store an uptade to then.


As you know, the #NeverEver, the #TrueOrDare and Tocha Olímpica isn’t going to be supported anymore, so no more update to then. Also the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t going to receive any other update (besides Conjugar that is going to receive the full irregular verbs in older systems)

What’s new?

As you may know, the Random 42, Time Calculator and Conjugar is sharing some information about then, so it is easy to work on updates and to create other apps. So because of that, once I add a new function to one, it is automatically added to the other.

The big news here is the feedback section on the About Page. You can report bugs and suggest new features there. It was an incredible experience with Formula to hear feedback, that helped shape the last updated to it, and I should be in every off my apps. So try it, share some feedback with me, this is going to help the app!

Also, I notice that in some of the apps the Y’APP logo was missing, not anymore. Also, the Formula – Universal Code Editor is now under “other apps” in the about section”.

One big bug was fixed today: For Time Calculator, since version one it was impossible to input numbers with the physical keyboard. When it came the version two it was completely redesign (both: code and user interface), and reformulate. But wasn’t fixed at all. With the last bug bash it was discovered and now it was fixed: thank you!