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#TrueOrDare and #NeverEver no longer available for download

UncategorizedApril 27, 2016

#TrueOrDare and #NeverEver no longer available for download

Once upon a time, there was two apps, made for drunk people. Now they are resting in peace, I already told the reason here. You won’t be able to download any update and to found them on the Store.

All the source of this apps is in my GitHub and you are more than welcome to look at it, change it, and create new things. It isn’t impossible that they are going to be published again, but not my plans. Feel free to change it and use it.

They are under project Terre, USA. #NeverEver is Pasadena Project and #TrueOrDare is Las Vegas Project.

But why they are going to be dead? Simple: not time enough for them. That’s makes me sad too.

I hope you understand. Sorry.