Let’s go Opensource

UncategorizedApril 08, 2016

Let’s go Opensource

I am happy to announce that today, every of my app is now open source and you can help me improve all of this amazing apps. I spend the last days moving all of the codes from VSTS to Git. Why? Only one reason: to be open source.

When I moved this project, I also made a lot of changes in it, so it would be easy for every one outside the project be able to understand it and create a push request.

Since the beginning of the year I was thinking about it, and a few days ago, a friend of mine, Mario, posted in his Twitter account that he wanted to send at least one code for day to his GitHub. Looking to it, I decided to move all my codes to GitHub. Well, not all of it.

You can found my repository in GitHub.com/vtnorton/Terre, in the next days I will make a documentation for it. 😉

That’s all folks!