April update rolling out: awesome news for “Conjugar”

UncategorizedApril 01, 2016

April update rolling out: awesome news for “Conjugar”

Today I am rolling out an update for every app, here is the changelog: I am taking to a more core experience, now the about page is the same in every app, also the language support and code. That means that it is easier to fix bugs in every app. And because of that, this month is all about fixing bugs.

And like I said, awesome news for “Conjugar”, like: now you can see examples in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. This is possible because I changed all the code, this mean that now is less probably of a lot of bugs and the performance is way much better.

I am introducing the irregular verbs. There is several irregular verbs in Portuguese, so I am introducing to you a few of them: “Abaular”, “Ser”, “Ter” and “Vir”.

I improved all language support, if you find something that isn’t correct for you language, please let me know so then I can fix it a soon as possible, also I fixed several bugs. I also improved the design a little bit.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy coding it!