From TortoiseSVN to Visual Studio Team Services

UncategorizedFebruary 10, 2016

From TortoiseSVN to Visual Studio Team Services

Ok, January was a busy month for me. I was planning to have vacation this past month, but I had to much work. Seeing people refactoring, unifying and rebranching their work makes me motivate to do the same and improve my way to work, and my sources. I reserved the month of January to do so. So all my apps is now in one Core source, my website is now in WordPress, and a lot of others changes that I made for creating more using less time and energy. And, for now, let’s talk about Visual Studio Team Services.

I started to use TortoiseSVN back in 2013, it did the job. VisualSVN was, and still is, an awesome pluging to Visual Studio. It worked for me. But I need more, more control about my team, my source and my work. And there isn’t doubts that VSTS is way much better then TortoiseSVN to do so.

For old projects I still use Tortoise SVN, but I don’t use VisualSVN (even after they sent a license for MVP, thank you so much for that! 🙂 ), only because generates conflict with VSTS.

I used folders structure to control versions of my apps (alpha, beta and delta [not proud]). I used OneNote to register tasks and bugs, and Project to see what I had to do. So: to much work. VSTS helps me in that. And now, I am in the same foot of the society. I can start new projects and add tasks or bugs faster and knowing that I am in the right foot.

Like I said, this past month was reserved for making a lot of changes. So I also organized my folder structure on my PC and Cloud. By the way, now, everything is in the cloud. It wasn’t a mess, but now it is really great to work knowing that everything is in the right place. I encourage you to do the same. Take a time for organizing files on your PC and if it is possible, put all of then in the cloud. I use OneDrive to do so.

Now I use VSTS in every source that I am currently working on. Still, have a lot to learn about this tool. And now I can see clearly that I have a lot of work.