Moving on: from .Net to WordPress, here is why

UncategorizedFebruary 03, 2016

Moving on: from .Net to WordPress, here is why

After several months thinking, I have some awesome news to share with you. And,  if you follow me you can now see a few different things. Let me talk about this differences for a while. This is just the start on this awesome news that I want to share. And in short bytes: new website based in WordPress and I am now in English. Let me tell you why.

As a developer I really want to control everything, but from time to time we learn that we can’t. I started on the Word Wide Web with Blogger, from Google, and in some point, I want more. So moved to the Asp web forms in Azure. As I told you, I wanted to control everything, so I started to create my on CMS, because I thought I would have more control. And I did. To much. Several works came up and I couldn’t handle then because I was too busy trying to make my on CMS (Called Hidra). That’s the main reason for changing from .Net to WordPress. But why WordPress then several others CMS (including in Asp), because I was more acquainted to it. So now I can post more, everywhere, quickly and focus on what matters, building new awesome things for everyone.

I’m going to make a post about my old CMS, and why I won’t share the source code. 🙁

So, now I have a new design, that is incredible, still a lot to improve, but working on it this week, so I you see something wrong, just tell me in

Oh, well, another news: I’m in English. Until last year my social profiles was in Portuguese. I think that English is way much better for working, collaborating, and spreading news and my apps for the world. So that’s the reason. My English isn’t perfect (like my Portuguese), but I want to improve it, so apologize for any mistake that I’m going to commit.

Please, follow me on Twitter and on Instagram in @vt_norton. My Skype is vtnorton. Add me, let’s chat a little bit.