A top secret project: Project Miami

UncategorizedFebruary 04, 2016

A top secret project: Project Miami

Once a year I have a big project. In 2014 I release on of the most download app in the Windows Store: “Resultado das eleições 2014”. The app showed who was winning the presidential election in Brazil. And in 2015 I planned, and succeeded, to release one app a week, in total 5 apps. And about this year, it need to be something big.

First a thought in release one app for month, but since my ideas is bigger than old ideas I can’t do it all by myself. So, one big app this year. A huge one. Some app that will change everything in his context. Yes, it is that big.

So, I will maintain my idea of releasing a new thing every month, and started this month when I released my new web site, in March 01 I will publish updates for (I hope) all of my apps, and for some of then, including English support, I shared a few images of what is coming on my snapchat and you can see it below. I already have something planned for April. But, this is none like Project Miami.

I can’t share more than this for now. But once upon a while I will share some details on my Twitter @vt_norton or in my snapchat vtnorton.

No dates planned for revealing for now. If you have a guess on what the hell is that, comment. Of course I will not deny it or confirm it.

And just for you know, there is several other  big projects. Like Project Berlim, Projec Rome, Project Seattle. Yeah! Lot of work this year.

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