Year’s May Checkpoint Report: what’s new?

everythingjunho 02, 2020

Year’s May Checkpoint Report: what’s new?


Hiper Magazine: Everybody that knows me, knows that I can’t not create a buzz for too long. In May I joined the Hiper Magazine to write about tech, I already have two articles there, take a look (both in portuguese):

This website version: Like I said previously, this website is my safe spot on the internet, so I needed to uplevel it, right? Here is some news about it:

  • All the content of the website is now available in English and in Portuguese;
  • Better typography, back to use Neutra Text as the default font for headings;
  • Improved responsive design across all screen sizes;
  • Now you can see all of my projects from GitHub in here!
  • Listen to the podcasts that I’m as a guest;
  • Too much improvements on the layout of the website, take a look at this post too more details;
  • General bug fixes.

In a more technical way, something that I’m really excited about is that this website went fully dockerized, that’s right. I created an docker image with a replica of the website. Those who develop with WordPress know how handy this is.

Removed slide from the Portuguese version: One of the biggest inconveniences from the past version was the slides. They were beautiful, but really hard to maintain. I changed it to a fixed image on every single page. Also new images where put in here, can you spot then?


New way to get new builds: One of the biggest inconveniences of testing Formula was the way you get new bits – it got improved over time, but wasn’t enough. On the old way you needed to download a zip file, unzip it, run a PowerShell command with Administrator Mode and then you may have faced some issues.

Wonder no more, for the next build you will get Formula right from the Microsoft Store: this means more security, privacy and reliability for you. Can’t wait to share the link for new bits there!

And yes, until the next release of Formula (v4) goes to production, you can get the preview for free and you won’t need to be beta testers.

Formula changelogs: This month Formula – Universal Code Editor didn’t get any update within the Beta Testers group on Telegram, and that happened because I was preparing this website to have it’s releases notes!

Since I integrated the Formula.Releases, a open-source project, to the last couple Formula builds sent to Beta testers, it knows shares the same data across GitHub, the App and now blog posts here telling you what’s new about Formula.

I’m excited to start shipping new bits really son.


No new contracts will be accepted: As far as today, the vtnorton won’t accept new contracts to develop and maintain websites. Since the all of the websites developed portfolio are now moved to the instagram account @vtn_showcase, this content was removed from the website.

Moving to a digital contract with the current clients: Currents clients will move to digital only contract, this will give then more privacy, security and availability.

Internal governance

Brand content moved to Figma: I continued to move all branding stuff to Figma, and this month the biggest star is this website. I even told you how I did this migration and shared a way for you to see the result inside Figma.