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How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Formula is here for you!

The Formula

How many times do you get out of your office and remember a line of code that can fix the biggest bug you have? Guest what, you will forgot that line of code, you simply have to write it right out way. It can’t wait you to get to the office. That’s why Formula – Universal Code Editor is here.

You can use Formula on you phone, tablet and desktop. Also I am working to make this app great for the Continuum.


You can write and read all languages, but you experience will be better with: C#, C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LUA, Pascal, PHP, Phyton, SQL, XML and more.

Also you can create new files with this simple code editor, isn’t this awesome?!


Organize your files in tabs and work with more than one file at time, just like you are used to.

And there is something else: you can use the shortcuts as you already know to save, open and to make a new file.

Have fun codding, just like I had writing this app! 😉 Don’t forget you coffee!


“The must complete editor at the Windows Mobile store.” – Biel

“This app is perfect for operations on javascript code since I’ve used it for that. It is fresh small fast and non-bloated.” – Fedja

“Better looking and significantly more functional than any other windows mobile code editor… And it’s UWP!” – Tom

“When I’m not behind a pc I’m using this app to write a few lines of code :-)” – Cynthia

Building Formula: A close look at the icon

Formula is a great product and is receiving a lot of great feedbacks and since the beginning of this year, I was planning to make a full redesign to it, for two reasons: 1) I can and I love to code 2) it’s growing fast and the sometimes it fails within the design. So, this […]

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Developer note: the difference of v2.1705.188 to v2.1705.189

Hey my people, Saturday I released one new version of Formula – Universal Code Editor, with incredible fixed for bugs that was annoying a lot of people, like saving files with only one line. And besides that, now it has a privacy policy, as I understand that this is a product that is growing up […]

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Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that today, I’m releasing a new version of Formula, with amazing new fixes. And before that I had to say something, about Dark Mode: I’m receiving  a lot of great feedback about it, and I do love the dark mode (if you haven’t seem, I’m building one Edge extension to transform […]

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